Kittens That You Can Adopt Right Meow In Montreal

So fluffy you're gonna die.
Kittens That You Can Adopt Right Meow In Montreal

It's pretty much impossible for a kitten to not be cute, but when a kitten is in need of help, your heart can't do anything but melt.

This incoming warmer weather in Montreal brings with it so many great things, but it also means that the number of stray cats in the city spikes way up, and as a result, the shelters start to fill up pretty quickly.

These little guys are in serious need of a home to call their own, so if you're looking for a new feline friend, consider adoption and give one of them a chance.


This heartbreakingly adorable 2-month-old, domestic medium-haired kitten is a pretty zen and quiet little lady, but she also loves to play. Her coat is super unique, with light grey, dark grey, and orange tones all mixed together. To find out more info about adopting Orangina, click here.


This little guy lives up to the classiness of his name, being a perfect gentleman of a cat. He's 2 months old, a domestic medium-hair kitten, and is sweet as can be. He's super cuddly, loves people, and will fall asleep in the closest lap that he can find. He's already litter trained and even scratches on his scratching post. For more information on Walter, click here.


Colin is a 10-month-old domestic short-hair kitten whose endearing nature will immediately win your heart. He's affectionate, playful and obedient, and would love to be your new best friend. For more information on adopting Colin, click here.


Cokonut is a sweet 4-month-old domestic rag doll kitten. He was abandoned at the SPCA with his 4 sisters and parents, who have all found their forever homes, so now it's Cokonut's turn. He's more comfortable with other cats around so he needs a home where he'll have a feline buddy. He's not the biggest fan of being held but he will happily curl up beside you to sleep. For more info on Cokonut, click here.

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Stunning gold eyes aren't the only great thing about this little lady. She was rescued from the icy cold streets of Montreal and is now looking for her forever home. She's somewhere around 6-9 months old and is used to being around other cats. She's still a little timid around humans, so she needs someone willing to spend time on socialization. For more information about Ophira, click here.


Bamboune is an adorable 2-month-old domestic medium-haired kitten. She loves food almost as much as she loves people (which is a lot). She's great with other cats and is very gentle when she plays, so she'd be great for kids. For more information on Bamboune, click here.

Gracie Mew

Gracie Mew was rescued from the mean streets on Montreal and is now looking for someone to give her a place to call home. She's a domestic short-hair kitten that's estimated to be about 6-9 months-old. She's very loving and gentle, but isn't too fond of being held. She also likes other cats and would love to have a friend in her new home. For more info on Gracie, click here.


This 9-month-old sweetheart is a domestic short-hair with a fancy black and white coat. He's still a little shy around people, but loves to play, so that could be used to draw him out of his shell and build up his confidence. He's already sterilized and comes up to date with his vaccinations. For more info on Mordicai, click here.


Magella is a 7-month-old calico domestic medium-hair mix. She was born on the streets and is very daring when it comes to investigating new things. She has a great, playful temperament but also enjoys having quiet time to relax. In her new home Magella, needs a cat friend to play with. For more information on her, click here.

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Despite what her name suggests, Shylie is anything but shy. She's a 9-month-old domestic short-hair who loves to play (especially hide and seek). She loves to socialize with humans and enjoys taking breaks by lounging in the window. For more info on Shylie, click here.


Moe is a domestic short-hair kitten who will melt your heart as soon as you see him. His green eyes and white coat with little black spots is simply adorable. He's currently at the SPCA Canadienne, and for more information on adopting him, click here.


This little guy is heart-wrenchingly adorable, there's no denying that. He's a 2-month-old domestic long-hair kitten that would make the perfect addition to your family. His adoption fee includes sterilization as well as his first vaccinations. For more information on Kimiko, click here.

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