Kittens You Can Adopt In Montreal This February 2016

Maybe the perfect Valentine's Day gift.
Kittens You Can Adopt In Montreal This February 2016

Valentine's Day is almost here, and if the holiday is good for anything, no matter if you're in a relationship or not, it's for reminding us all that we can use a bit more love in our life.

And nothing is a better source of a love than a pet, an animal friend who will always be there to comfort you no matter what's going on in your life.

Of course, some people have preferences about their furry friend (something I seriously don't understand), but if you're a cat person looking for some love, look no further.

Thanks to the efforts of the Pussy Patrol, a cat rescue and adoption group based in Montreal, there are more than a few lovely felines ready to adopt and cuddle right now. Take a look below and say "awww" at the cats the Pussy Patrol have up for adoption right now. Chances are you'll instantly fall in love.

For more info, head to the Pussy Patrol Facebook page here.


Something of a "grumpycat," Scruffy may play a little hard to get, but he's definitely affectionate when he wants to be. A complete fan of sitting on knees and toilet seats, Scruffy also loves to get a little playful, despite his surface-level grumpy demeanour. Cutest of all: Scruffy tends to jump in the air when he gets surprised, just like cats do in cartoons.


Junebug is the yang to Scruffy's yin, which makes sense, since the two are brothers. Incredibly affectionate and friendly, Junebug is a literal bundle of joy. But despite his high energy nature, Junebug is a total fan of chilling out and cuddling. He is a cat, after all.

The Pussy Patrol is offering both Junebug and Scruffy for adoption at a discounted price, since they want the bros to stay together. If you only have room for one in your home, however, either feline would love the chance to be a part of your family.

Sharon & Jack

Rescued only last December, Sharon and Jack are sibling-kittens who make the cutest pair around. A special needs kitten, Sharon had to have surgery on one of her eye, and it was removed. As such, she has limited vision and needs to use her paws/nails to feel around and get sense of where she is. Thankfully her brother Jack is always around to act as Sharon's guide. With that, the duo need to be adopted together, making for a double-whammy of adorableness.

Dapper Mccuddlesworth aka Ti-Grou

With something of a tragic past, Dapper Mccuddlesworth/Ti-Grou hasn't had it easy. But with the help of the Pussy Patrol and their foster homes, Ti-Grou has went from being shy and timid to entirely affectionate. Hopefully you can help bring him out of his shell even more, because this is definitely one cat with tons of love to give.

Chairman Meow

Aside from having the best name ever, Chairman Meow is also the chillest cat around. More into relaxing than just being lazy, Chairman Meow is the best partner for Netflix and playing around the house alike. Up to date on all his vaccines and check up, Chairman Meow is just about ready to be the new cat in your house.


A recent mother, Tosca already had her kids leave the nest, but she still needs to find a home for herself. Loving and affectionate like only a mother can be.

Tosca was rescued in November of last year with her two kittens. The babies have been adopted and now Tosca is still waiting for her forever-home. This pretty girl is shy, but very loving.

*All photos courtesy of The Pussy Patrol

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