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Krispy Kreme Canada Is Giving Away One Dozen Doughnuts For $1 For The Holidays

There's only one day to take advantage of this deal!
Krispy Kreme Canada Is Giving Away One Dozen Doughnuts For $1 For The Holidays

It's the holiday season, and even though we are all thankful for the retail stores putting on incredible sales and marking products off for much cheaper prices, we all have to admit that we're all about the free food during the month of December.

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TL;DR Krispy Kreme Canada is hosting their annual "Day of Dozens" deal this Wednesday, December 12. On this day you can get a dozen original glazed doughnuts for only $1 with the purchase of a dozen doughnuts at full price. The deal is limited to two per person. More details below.

Seriously, with all of the sales on desserts and holiday treats going on right now, I think we're all willing to put up with the snow and unappreciated weather. 

So, to prepare for the horribly cold conditions we're expecting in parts of the country over this week, what better news to receive than a massive deal on one of our favourite treats, not only during winter but any time of year.

Yes, you're right if you guessed doughnuts. But not just any, this is all about Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the amazing deal going on across Canada for just one day only.

Get prepared Canadians, because on Wednesday, December 12 you can go into any location across the country and take advantage of the "Day of Dozens" deal that happens annually.

If you're not familiar with this deal, it means you can go into a Krispy Kreme store and get one dozen original glazed doughnuts for only $1!

The only catch is that you'll need to purchase a dozen of any doughnut of your choosing to receive this essentially free box, but with a dozen original glazed regularly costing only $7.99, that means you'll get 24 doughnuts for less than $10!

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 The deal will come and go before you know it, and with the offer limited to two per person (this means up to 48 doughnuts for less than $20) you'll want to be prepared to be one of the first to get ahold of this deal and some delicious doughnuts.

Seriously, this has to be one of the best deals of the holiday season!

To find your nearest Krispy Kreme location, click HERE.


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