Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away FREE Donuts In Canada Today

TGIF... and National Doughnut Day!
Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away FREE Donuts In Canada Today

We couldn't let you forget Canada! Today is the day to get free donuts across the country at your local Krispy Kreme location!

Because today is National Donut Day, Krispy Kreme is doing us a solid and giving away their too-good-for-this-world donuts for nothing but a smile. Just kidding, I don't think you even have to smile.

They're totally free!!

Yes, it's true. "Just for showing up," you can get a free donut at any Krispy Kreme location in Canada.

And in even better news, it looks like you can choose any donut you desire, so if you're not a fan of their classic glazed, don't fret!

They have so many different kinds of donuts, literally anyone can find the donut of their dreams... and honestly, who cares if you don't even like it -- it'll be free!

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Heads to Krispy Kreme Canada's website right here to find your closest location. By now, most locations are already open and will be until 9 or 10 PM.

So no matter how you spell it, donut or doughnut, you can get a free sweet treat at your local Krispy Kreme all day today, so don't miss this amazing opportunity!

For more information, watch the MTLBlog video below!

The Montreal location opened recently, and MTL Blog was there to take in the glory of a brand-spanking new Krispy Kreme right in the heart of downtown.

And if you're NOT a fan of donuts, you can also get free BeaverTails across Canada today (though only from 2-4pm). It's like these places knew today was going to be a beautiful, sunny day where everyone was going to be out and about and wanting a sweet little treat... for FREE, no less.

WHAT: Free donuts for National Doughnut Day

WHERE: Your local Krispy Kreme location - find it here!

WHEN: All day today, Friday, June 7th, 2019

COST: Free all day!

If you do go to Krispy Kreme today, be sure to tag #NationalDoughnutDay and @mtlblog in your Instagram stories!