Kylie Jenner Is Coming To Montreal For Her 18th Birthday

Because you don't have to be 21 to drink in Quebec ... osti!
Kylie Jenner Is Coming To Montreal For Her 18th Birthday

It's not just the festivals attracting famous people to Montreal anymore. Hollywood celebrities seem to be quite taken by our city and they're starting to flock here just to have a good time. Dan Bilzerean came down and gave us his blessing, so I guess that means we're officially awesome. Okay so maybe there are other factors at play here. Perhaps it's the legal drinking age here which allows younger celebrities to come party without anyone giving them any shit.

But still, that's all part of the overall laid back attitude that makes life in here so good. All that to say that, Kylie Jenner will be in town on August 16th to celebrate her 18th birthday at Beach Club, and it's rumored that she'll be bringing a few special guests with her.

According to TMZ, not only will Kylie be celebrating MTL style, she'll also be paid handsomely for doing so. Somewhere between $100k-$200k apparently,  along with plenty of bubbly and a $3,000 cake thrown in for good measure.

So maybe if we're lucky we can grow this reputation as being the hub for celebrities to come party, because why should Vegas or New York have all the fun?


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