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La Cage Now Has An All New Menu You're Going To Want To Try

Life is full of little pleasures and surprises, isn’t it? Like when you discover that hottie from your class liked your last picture on Instagram or when you find a 10$ bill in the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn in ages.

Well, good news because I have another surprise for you: La Cage - Brasserie Sportive has a brand new menu.

Of course, you already know the place. At some point in your life, you rounded up the squad and ventured out to this fine establishment for some beers and of course, an epic hockey game. Although, you stayed there for the good times, La Cage was rarely a place you’d go just to have a nice dinner. Until now.

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La Cage's new menu will completely blow your mind. In case you didn't know, everything is now freshly made with local ingredients and offers you the tastiest items from appetizers that are big enough to share, to scrumptious desserts in a cool bistro atmosphere. Basically, they've UP'd their game to become your number one food-beer-sport destination.

To offer you the finest, La Cage teamed up with 5 local producers. As of right now, you'll only be served the best of the best. Like fresh Savoura tomatoes, tender Exceldor chicken, crispy Saint-Arneault potatoes, 100% Quebec certified beef and deliciously savoury bread from Au Pain doré.

Now that you are hungry AF (#IFeelYou), here are some of the new items you’ll want to try ASAP:

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Beer, beer, beer from Quebec's finest microbreweries

Brace yourselves, beers are coming! No matter your preference, whether you are the strong IPA type or the sweet and sexy white beer type, you’ll find what you are looking for on their menu. La Cage now features 7 of Quebec's best beers from well-known microbreweries in the province, two of them being exclusives to La Cage.

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Freshly made lettuce wraps

Their salmon tartare itself is already craaaaaaazy good, so imagine taking it to the next level! Fresh salmon on Boston lettuce with cucumbers, sriracha mayo, and fried onions... that's almost a dream come true!

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Savoury braised bacon poutine

An everlasting, Quebec classic. Let's be serious, there's no chance in hell that you're able to resist any type of poutine, especially when you take a look at La Cage's newest addition to the family. There's no better combination than poutine and bacon which just so happen to merge together in this delicious appetizer.

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Salmon and classic beef tartares

Raise your hand if you are the tartare fan in your squad! Perfect because at La Cage, you now have two delicious choices. Their salmon tartare is made with fresh Atlantic salmon, capers, French shallots, mustard, mayo and fresh chives, served with fries, croutons and a green salad. Now, if you're more of a beef kind of guy/gal, the classic beef tartare is definitely the way to go. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

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Babyback rib plate

This is everyone's “go to” when they stop at a brewery. And you certainly won’t be disappointed about these baby back ribs topped with La Cage's signature Bourbon sauce served with two sides, which you’ll have a hard time choosing. Bacon Mac & Cheese, basmati rice, Caesar-style romaine hearts, broccolini, onion rings, mashed potatoes, fries or sweet potato fries... how ever will you choose?!

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Japanese Grilled Beef

This is the kind of salad that will keep you full all day long. The spring lettuce is topped with crunchy celery, vibrant broccoli, sweet red peppers, carrots, salty roasted peanuts, perfectly cooked sirloin and a ginger and miso dressing. Bon appétit!

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The mouthwatering CLUB

Let me introduce you to the king of clubs, the one that was created to rule them all. It's made with pulled roasted chicken, sizzling bacon, creamy Havarti cheese, fresh avocado, a delicious tomato salsa and La Cage's signature house sauce on a sesame ciabatta. Am I making you hungry yet?

This is just a sneak peek of what’s waiting for you at La Cage. Grab your friends, make your reservation online and don't forget to try all these new items ASAP.

Visit La Cage's website to scroll through their menu and get inspired on their Facebook and Instagram page.