Montreal $1 Croissant Day

The flakiest, crispiest, buttery, and delicious festival of them all.

Okay, confession time: croissants are my life. I like them more than bagels. I like them more than sushi. I like them more than cheese.

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Actually, no, that last one was a bit of an exaggeration - cheese is my true bae forever - but I think you get the picture.

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And if you love these flaky, buttery morsels of happiness as much as I do, then sit down, because you're pretty much in for the best news of your life.

La Fete Du Croissant, an annual province-wide one-day initiative to promote the true artistry that is the croissant, is set to be taking place again in May 2017.

Last year, a whole bunch of Montreal bakeries participated in La Fete Du Croissant, like Duc De Lorraine, Bar A Beurre, and Fous Desserts, just to name a few.

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And, the best part? On this day, a croissant from participating bakeries will cost a grand total of $1. That's right, friends. A dollar for the world's greatest breakfast pastry. Excuse me while I weep real tears of happiness.

Although there aren't too many details available for 2017's edition of La Fete Du Croissant, we can tell you that it'll take place in May.

But make sure to keep your eyes peeled on their website for updates.

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For more information, check out La Fete Du Croissant's website and Facebook page.

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