La Ronde Is Having A Huge 65% Off 'Red Alert' Sale On Season Passes

Thinking of going to La Ronde this summer? If that's the case, you have two options.

You can either buy a day pass for $57.99 or you can get a season pass for only $56.99!

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We're not kidding! Right now La ronde is having a red alert sale. When you buy 2 season passes, each one will only cost you 56.99! that's over 65% cheaper than regular price! 

Plus you'll have the best seats to watch the Montreal Fireworks Festival!

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but that's not all, when you buy you passes, you instantly get upgraded to GOLD Status which give you special VIP access to: 

  • Special VIP Days for early entry every month
  • Exclusive ride access each month
  • Unlimited admission to La Ronde in 2018
  • Free Sport Bottle (refills at a small additional fee)
  • Additional bring a friend for free days
  • In-park discounts
  • Additional Exclusive Ride Time event every month
  • Free admission to ALL Six Flags theme parks
  • Free parking at every Six Flags theme park
  • Special days when you can bring a friend free
  • Free park admission to Fright Fest (some activities require an additional fee)
  • Significant discounts on park tickets for friends

What are you waiting for? Get your discount pass today

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