Friends, why is Halloween so awesome? The candies? The going out, the dressing up, the T.V. specials, the all-around good vibes?

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The answer to that question is yes, of course. Halloween is awesome because it's so uniquely spooky... and there's nothing that fits the bill of "awesome Halloween spook" quite like a haunted house.

In Montreal, we tend to do things like this right, so of course, it's only fitting that we'd transform La Ronde into a giant, scary AF haunted house.

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La Ronde's FrightFest is taking place this year on weekends in October, from October 1 - 30.

There are a whole bunch of serious frights being planned for the event, like haunted mazes (!), scare zones, and shows.

Some rides have even been fright-ified, for a more horrifying(ly fun) experience, obvs.

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There will also be two new themes for this year's Fright Fest: "Demons' Hell" (as quoted from La Ronde's website, "Try to chase the demons and they will always come back… Stronger and thirstier"), and "The Cursed Farm", which apparently features tons and tons of scarecrows.

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Scary? Yasss. Fun? You know it.

Ticket prices vary, but start at $65 for a daily pass.

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If this sounds like the most fun you can have this Halloween, make sure you check out La Ronde Fright Fest's website for more information.

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