Ladies Rejoice, Peeing Outside Became Way Easier

A device allowing women to pee standing up, just like a dude do.
Ladies Rejoice, Peeing Outside Became Way Easier

Let's be real, dudes have a definite advantage over ladies when it comes to impromptu urination. When guys are out partying at a festival (Igloofest, Osheaga) or just wandering the Montreal streets, we can find a secluded spot (or not), unzip, and bleed the lizard. Ladies have a much more complex situation which isn't nearly as swift. Until now. Say hello to the Shewee. a portable urinating device for women.

Marketed as a "revolutionary device that is changing women's lives" the Shewee is a portable plastic funnel that allows ladies to pee without removing any clothes, and while standing up. Never sit on a dirty toilet seat. Never be wary of being too far from a washroom. Available in six colours (why not be fashionable with your peeing?), you can get your own Shewee just in time for Igloofest. Who wants to run through the crowd in search of a toilet and take off a bunch of layers just to take a piss? Now you don't have to ladies.

I know what your thinking. This is not a joke, the Shewee is a legit thing. Go to the website and order your own, and check out the video below for some commonly asked questions, because I'm sure you have many.

Will you be buying a Shewee?

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