Lady Gaga Will Win Two Oscars For "A Star Is Born" And You Have To See It Right Now

If you haven't seen A Star Is Born, go and see it tonight. You will not be disappointed.

Bradley Cooper's version of the tragic story gives a refreshing twist to a film that has already been twice remade.

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TL;DR Lady Gaga is an early contender for both Best Actress and Best Original Song at the Academy Awards. Here's why.

Perhaps the most magnetic feature of each generation is the star power that hooks its audience. The first film, from 1937, featured famous actress Gloria Gaynor. The second: Judy Garland. In 1976, Barbara Streisand put a rock n' roll spin on the popular storyline.

When Cooper decided to bring the film to a new generation, only one woman could match the magnitude of her predecessors' celebrity: Lady Gaga.

And did she ever deliver.

Lady Gaga's role in A Star Is Born will cement her legendary status. Critics have already compared her to Streisand, Céline, and Whitney Houston.

Gaga plays the role of Ally, the tough but self-conscious woman whose singing talents attract the attention of famous rock-country singer Jackson Maine (Cooper).

And, as the story goes, her celebrity catapults as his suffers a slow decline ending in tragedy.

Gaga and Cooper's performances are astonishing. The film soundtrack, written and performed entirely by both actors, beautifully carries the drama through its highest highs and lowest lows. 

Gaga, in particular, is an early contender for not just one, but two Academy Awards.

While her role in American Horror Story first proved her acting chops, her performance in A Star Is Born elevates her to the highest caliber of acting and proves her worthy of the industry's greatest honour: the Oscar for Best Actress.

In addition to the award for Best Actress, she is also an early frontrunner for Best Original Song for "I'll Never Love Again," which, at the very end of the film, has left audiences in tears.

She and Cooper may both also be nominated for "Shallow."

Lady Gaga's art has always focused on the conflicting expectations of female celebrity, on authenticity, and on loss.

A Star Is Born was the perfect fit.

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