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Language Police May Stay Funded, Health+Education+Environment Budgets Definitely Cut

Photo Cred - David Bell

Quebec's Liberal government needs to create $2.4 Billion in savings, so the plan is to take money from the budgets of the ministries of Health, Education, Environment, and Culture.

The OQLF, otherwise known as the Language Police, will not have its budget affected, as it maintains and upholds French culture in the province, according to an article in La Presse.

CJAD spoke with Martin Coiteux, the president of the Treasury board tasked with finding the billions in-savings, but he wouldn't comment specifically as to whether the OQLF will be forced to reduce its budget like other ministries.

Coiteux did comment that "every department needs to make some major efforts," but that vague statement doesn't really answer the question.

All of us are aware of some of the extreme measures the OQLF has taken to protect the French language, most of which end up looking like ridiculously intense attacks on other cultures. Everyone remember Pastagate or the Facebook debacle?

No argument here on the OQLF keeping their budget, it just seems strange that other (arguably more beneficial) ministries are definitely getting less funding while the Language Police stays in a "we'll see" limbo.

Should the OQLF's budget be cut?

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