Montreal Breaks Winter Snowfall Record

One for the ages.
Montreal Breaks Winter Snowfall Record

Holy crap, that's a lot of snow outside! And I thought winter was supposed to almost be over.

Didn't that groundhog predict an early spring? Well if you can't trust a rodent, who can you trust?

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Anyways, the snow is here and I guess we'll just have to deal with it. And this one was a big one.

Actually it's the biggest snow fall of the year.

Last December we saw about 25 cm, but last night we got 38!

The snow plows were out all night, but they were fighting a losing battle since the snow kept falling until this morning.

So maybe we should cut them some slack. Plus no one was expecting this much snow, the weather network was only calling for 20 cm, but the following photos says otherwise.

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