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Laval Is Getting A Huge Wine Festival Next Month

Calling all vino-lovers.
Laval Is Getting A Huge Wine Festival Next Month

Not only for wine-lovers, but anyone who enjoys a thoughtfully-made drink and curated fine-foods like cheese, cured meats, and olives - Le Marche Aux Vin 2018 is a "gastronomic event'  showcasing the best in local producers of wine and more! 

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The Marche Aux Vin is hosting its second installment at 440 Marche Publique in Laval, a covered local market with dozens of specialized vendors selling a wide variety of highly curated local produce and fine foods. 

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There will be more than 100 products to discover, food workshops, exclusive wines, and a champagne bar. And of course, tasting menu and food samples right and left.  This will be an event to drink, eat, and be merry. 

The event will unfold on Saturday, May 26th - tickets need to be purchased in advance.  

For more information and to buy tickets, click here

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