Laval Just Got An All-New KINTON RAMEN Restaurant

The... Place... Is... HUGE!!!
Laval Just Got An All-New KINTON RAMEN Restaurant

Ahhh sweet, glorious ramen. No matter the time of day or year, whatever your mood, there’s just nothing that warms your soul and fills your belly quite like the divine heavenliness of this authentic Japanese dish.

As an afternoon pick-me-up or a late-night comfort, mid-winter or mid-spring, whether your hangry or craving a perfectly seasoned treat to hit the spot, this supreme combo of hot broth, yummy toppings, and fresh ramen noodles gets it right every single time.

Hearty yet light, ramen is fun to eat (wildly slurping bouncy noodles ftw!),exploding with complex flavours, and delivers the ultimate hit of umami. Oh, plus it makes for k i l l e r Insta photos! Sure, our resto-rich city is filled with food options galore, but none of the ramen spots dotting Montreal do it quite as exceptionally as KINTON RAMEN. Devour a big bowl of their superb signature ramen, and you'll genuinely catch our drift. 

Debuting in 2012 as Toronto's first authentic Japanese ramen bar, KINTON RAMEN has held the title of the city's best for years. It's no wonder why the restaurant brand is expanding globally, with four locations in Quebec, nine in Ontario, four in Korea, and one in Japan.

The newest addition, KINTON RAMEN CARREFOUR LAVAL, is their biggest worldwide to date, able to comfortably accommodate 93 guests. Its chic, modern setting boasts an extended tapas and drinks menu, exclusive to the Laval location. Its experienced chefs serve up the highest quality noodles and broth, always adding only the freshest toppings, too!

Exquisite food, great ambiance, talented chefs, and welcoming staff - KINTON RAMEN CARREFOUR LAVAL has everything you're wanting in an authentic ramen dining experience. 

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Open all week long from 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM, KINTON RAMEN CARREFOUR LAVAL lets you customize your own version of its signature ramen by choosing your favourite broth, flavour, meat, noodles, and extra toppings. Spicy jalapeño chicken with chicken breast, thick noodles, seaweed, and bean sprouts; spicy garlic pork with pork belly, thin noodles, and seasoned egg... Talk about making an affordable, delectable dish your own!

Veggie lovers can indulge in a vegetarian broth full of seasoned vegetables and tofu furai; add some jalapeño paste and garlic oil, and you've got an outstanding bowl of pure goodness!

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Quit drooling and get your ramen on. Head over to the new KINTON RAMEN CARREFOUR LAVAL at 2575 Boulevard Daniel-Johnson ASAP! For all the latest news, check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.