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Laval Police Officer Refuses To Rescue Dog From A Hot Car

Apparently it doesn't count as animal cruelty
Laval Police Officer Refuses To Rescue Dog From A Hot Car

This is the kind of video that's just infuriating to watch. Everyone knows it's wrong to leave a dog in a hot car, that's just a fact. You wouldn't leave a baby in hot car so why should a dog be any different?

Dani Caci is a Youtuber from Montreal who's been going around rescuing dogs that have been left in hot cars while their owner went shopping. The point is to bring more attention to this issue and hopefully get people to stop doing it.  We already posted a video of Dani rescuing a dog, but now there's a bigger problem.

The following video was posted August 3rd. Dani spotted a dog in a hot car and decided to wait for the owner. When the owner didn't show up, Dani called the cops. Even though the dog had been locked in the car for over 20 minutes, the cop said there was nothing he could do and that this wasn't considered to be animal cruelty.

That's complete bullshit. According to PETA, leaving a dog in a hot car for even a minute can be very dangerous. They can suffer brain damage and can even die from heatstroke after only 15 minutes. If the cop was the one who was trapped in the car I'm sure his tune would be different.


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