Boutique Candy Shop "Happy Pills" Just Opened Its First Canadian Location Near Montreal
  • If you've been craving some special sweets for you or someone you know, Happy Pills in Carrefour Laval needs to be your next stop.
  • This "adult candy shop" is a boutique full of carefully crafted candies (some that are even vegan) dispensed as doses of happiness.
  • More info about its first Canadian location in Laval below.

If you haven't had quite enough sugar this holiday season, Happy Pills is here to remedy that and whatever else ails you. The experiential candy experience expanded into Canada this year and opened a Happy Pills in Carrefour Laval, just outside of Montreal. The company started in Barcelona, according to Retail Insider, and has since expanded to South Korea, France, Andorra, and, now, the United States with a store in Boston, Massachusetts.

Happy Pills hopes to continue its expansion across Canada with more than 20 stores that will deliver on some seriously special sweets. 

Happy Pills considers itself a retailer of "adult candy," but don't worry, there's nothing psychedelic about it.

Instead, the packaging and vibe of the stores is more like that of a dispensary for happiness, served up through colourful sweets, some of which are also vegan.

The process of purchasing candies at Happy Pills is an "easy, fun, creative and personal experience," according to the description on the Carrefour Laval website

At Happy Pills, you get to fill your own bottles of candy with sizes ranging from "asymptomatic" to "chronic," depending on your level of suffering and how much candy you'll need to save yourself from the brink of despair. 

They also offer packs which let you combine candies either with packs of jars or pillboxes with an array of choices. 

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You save 20% when you buy in bulk, so Happy Pills is an awesome party favour for birthdays, weddings or other events. 

You can even customize your label to highlight the occasion or include your company logo, for example. 

Happy Pills also has a selection of t-shirts, which come in fun little jars, just like the candies.

The Happy Pills location is highlighted in blue, below, located near the second entrance of Carrefour Laval.

It's open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the week and closes at 5 p.m. on weekends.

Boutique Candy Shop "Happy Pills" Just Opened Its First Canadian Location Near Montreal Carrefour Laval

To find out more, head to the Happy Pills website here or its page on the Carrefour Laval website here.