Most Underrated Restaurants In Laval

The 450 has some good eats.
Most Underrated Restaurants In Laval
  • If you ever feel like you've tried all there is to eat in Montreal, it's time to consider one of these underrated Laval restaurants.
  • The local food scene in Laval is vibrant and authentic, and some of these Middle-Eastern spots really shine.
  • And if it's brunch on the north shore you're after, we've got you covered there too!

Montreal has everything anyone will ever need to survive a lifetime of fun, good food and beautiful scenery.

However, what surrounds our island also has a lot to offer, we are just sometimes scared to venture out and see exactly what goes on outside the comfort that is Montreal.

Laval may just be a bridge away, but stepping into the 450 can sometimes feel like foreign territory for us Montreal natives. People who live in Laval are proud to be from there and I have a feeling it is because of the amazing restaurants they've been hiding from us 514 folk.

Laval is home to some of the best brunch as well as some incredible authentic ethnic restaurants sure to make you driving to Laval more than you ever thought you would.

These amazing eats are worth checking out if you are ever looking for a little foodie adventure, trust me when I tell you, Laval is a lot closer than you think!

Boucherie et Grillades D’Orient

Where: 1627 Curé-Labelle

Located in a strip mall, this eatery is easy to miss - but trust me, you are going to want to find it.

This butcher shop is known for their fresh, quality meats but what they also do to perfection is their Middle-Eastern-inspired sandwiches you can pick up from there.

These melt-in-your-mouth pita-stuffed meals are full of flavour and with every bite, you will be praising me for telling you about this spot.

Check out their Instagram page here.


Where: 3208 boulevard Saint-Martin O

This Laval staple is one of the original breakfast places in the 450 and it is also one of the best brunches you will have in or around Montreal.

Located on Saint-Martin Ouest, this Greek-owned spot is one of my favourite places to indulge when I am in need of a hearty "hangover" breakfast.

If you like the potatoes at Allo Mon Coco, you can thank Cosmopolitan because if I am being honest, they did cheesy potatoes first!

Check out their website here.


Where: 2204 Boulevard Curé-Labelle

Manti is one of Laval’s newest eatery additions and I am kind of sad it is not in Montreal because guys, it is great.

Located on Cure-Labelle, this restaurant is owned by two Armenian entrepreneurs who decided to take a risk and open an Armenian bistro. Thankfully they did because the food is beyond anything you could imagine.

The name Manti comes from an Armenian national dish which is made up of mini dumplings in a garlic-yogurt sauce, topped off with sumac and mint and yes, it is as lip-smacking as it sounds.

This food destination is a must-try for anyone who wants to venture out and munch on some classic Armenian dishes with a modern twist.

Check out their Instagram page here.

Christina's Cuisine

Where: 4365 boulevard Notre-Dame Ouest

Do not let the strip mall exterior throw you off, Christina's on Notre-Dame O serves up some of the best Greek food I have ever had, outside of Greece that is.

This family-owned restaurant prides themselves on their quality and flavour. With every bite you take, you will transport your taste-buds to a different dimension.

Christina’s menu options change daily because but some of my favourite plates include their pasticcio (greek lasagna), lamb and of course, their gyro.

Check out their Instagram page here.

Restaurant Rouby

Where: 3268 Boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest

Located in the same strip mall as Cosmopolitan, this Middle-Eastern spot serves up some amazing traditional dishes.

The family-owned and family-run establishment prides themselves on their authentic flavours and quality. The name Rouby also has a lot of meaning behind it, as it is the name of the owner's daughter. They really do bring to Laval a true taste of the Middle East.

Some of the menu items include vine leaves, Middle-Eastern salads and, of course, a variety of meats to choose from.

The food is great and desserts could possibly be even better than the main courses, which is no surprise as the owner is also a trained pastry chef. This is an eatery you truly have to taste to understand.

Check out their website here.

All research done in this article is by the author. Restaurants never pay to be featured on MTL Blog's "Best Of" lists; furthermore, this list represents a showcase of great spots, and is not a numbered ranking.

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