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This New Laval Gelato Shop & Café Has Vegan And Classic Milkshakes

They even serve fresh sandwiches!
Dolce & Santella Laval gelato shop

Summer may have come and gone but our cravings for cold, sweet treats lasts all year round.  

Gelato is a fan favourite when it comes to desserts, partly because it contains 50% less fat than ice cream but mostly because of its indulgent taste.

Although there is a lot of competition in and around Montreal when it comes to gelato, I have to say that Dolce & Santella truly brings the taste of Italy to our part of the world and the results are fantastic.  

This gelato laboratory was created with the intent of satisfying and sharpening customers' taste buds with an array of flavours, including cheesecake, black cherry, kiwi, pistachio and white chocolate — and the list goes on.  

The mastermind behind this little gem is Marco Santella, who wanted to bring his Italian roots and education to the Montreal suburb.   

Santella studied in Milan and through his education he learnt the art of “making authentic flavours with a rich taste” and “the mathematical calculations of balancing and creating” mouth-watering gelato.

His passion for creation has resulted in an unmatched excellence in his product.

Enjoy your gelato in the shop or to go!

The shop's to-go containers are designed to maintain the freshness and texture of the gelato for up to 1 hour, making this a great treat to bring to your friends or family.

In addition to gelato, Dolce & Santella also serves espresso and amazing sandwiches!

Located on Boulevard de Laurentides, this sweet destination is bound to have you commuting to Laval more often.  

Dolce & Santella Gelato Shop

Where: 545 Boulevard des Laurentides


Sunday – Wednesday: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 pm

Thursday – Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – midnight