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Transports Québec Promises To Change Dangerous Highway Layout After Massive Fatal Accident In Laval

The crash left 4 dead and several injured.
Transports Québec Promises To Change Dangerous Highway Layout After Massive Fatal Accident In Laval

On Monday afternoon, at around 3:30 PM, a massive collision left 4 dead and at least a dozen injured in Laval. 

The crash occurred on a busy stretch of Highway 440 in Laval, a route known for being dangerous. Following the report, La Presse interviewed many people who denounced the highway for having lanes that allow people to dangerously merge at the last minute.

François Bonnardel, Quebec's transport minister, has announced that immediate changes will be made to the lane markings on highway 440.

According to CJAD, the crash was caused by a vehicle colliding into another while merging into the exit lane very late.

Other reports indicate that the cars involved were a small car, which collided into a larger truck. The two vehicles then collided into another truck.

One of the trucks was carrying propane, which led to an uncontrollable blaze on the highway. Vehicles behind the accident were unable to avoid the vehicles, leading to a pile-up on the highway.

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Now, following the accident, Transport Minister François Bonnardel has announced that the lane markings will be changed immediately.

Drivers will no longer be able to merge so close to an exit, at least not legally, according to Bonnardel. This, says the Transport Minister, will make an area that has seen a dozen crashes since 2013 a little safer.

Bonnardel also announced that, once Sécurité Québec releases their report on the incident, which they should do in the next month, additional steps may be taken to make the area safer.

Sécurité Québec has already interviewed many witnesses, but they are asking for the public's help in piecing together the sequence of events.

People who witnessed the crash, and the moments preceding it, are asked to contact the Sécurité Québec at 1-800-659-4262.

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