You Can Sleep Under The Stars In This Bubble Tent In Laval For Only $77 A Night

Let these bubbles carry your worries away.
You Can Sleep Under The Stars In This Bubble Tent In Laval For Only $77 A Night

Are you the kind of person whose friends always say you live in a bubble? Well now is your time to actually, physically live in a bubble and drive them wild with jealousy. 

There are a lot of bubble tents available for rent in Quebec and on Airbnb. But this is no mere tent. 

This is BubbleLand! This is Bubble utopia. There is a bubble for sleeping with a clear roof so you can stare up at the summer sky before dozing off, there is a bubble raft where you can float down the river, and there is a bubble spa to soak the night away in. 

The main bubble comes equipped with a single bed, pillows, and blankets and can fit up to three people cozily. It's kept inflated by a motor that the owner likens to the hum of a plane - the perfect white noise background. At night you can even choose the color of your bubble depending on your mood!

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While the roof is seethrough, we're assured that the tent is still private. 

And honestly, we were pretty surprised at the price. It's only $77 per night for such a unique escape. 

BubbleLand has access to a private camping site with the usual camping things like a BBQ, chairs and a hammock to relax in . And for me the pièce de résistance - the floating bubble raft!

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Just imagine lazily floating down the river, feeling like a whimsical sphere version of Huck Finn. You can even pull the shade down to keep out of the sun or for a little more privacy

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The bathroom, complete with shower and sink, is shared with the family who owns the land. But according to Airbnb, 100% of recent guests gave Bubbleland a 5-star rating so it doesn't seem like it's a big deal. 

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It's recommended kids stay home as it's right on the river and there is no protective fence. But that sounds like the perfect excuse to escape with just you and your partner! I think we're going to have to book this right away. 

Check out the complete Airbnb listing and availability here. 

WHAT: Airbnb Giant Bubble Tent and Spa 

WHERE:  Laval, Québec, Canada

COST: $77 per night

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