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Le Burger Week Montreal 2013 Restaurant List

Le Burger Week Montreal 2013 Restaurant List

If you've been going through constant hunger pangs in anticipation for Le Burger Week Montreal 2013, rest a little easier as MTL Blog has some tasty info for you. Below is the full restaurant list of Burger Week competitors, and with over 30 burger joints, its gonna be a meaty mess of awesome.

Take a look, memorize, plan, and gorge!

  1. ART:brgr
  2. Bar & Boeuf
  3. Blackstrap BBQ
  4. Burger Bar Crescent
  5. Burger Royal
  6. Burgundy Lion
  7. Decca 77
  8. Depanneur le Pick Up
  9. Diablos BBQ
  10. Faberge
  11. Globe
  12. IBurger
  13. Jukebox Burgers
  14. L’Auberge du Dragon Rouge
  15. La Mauvaise reputation
  16. Le Diable a Quatre
  17. Le Gourmet Burger
  18. Le Newtown
  19. Les Enfants Terribles Outremont
  20. Lola Rosa
  21. M:brge BRGR bar
  22. McKibbin’s Irish Pub
  23. Mont Royal Hot Dog
  24. Planete Poutine
  25. Restaurant Le Midtown
  26. Simplechic
  27. Tapeo
  28. Tavern Royal Merchant
  29. Tazah
  30. Uniburger
  31. Weinstein & Gavinos

Check back at MTL Blog for on the scene reviews and more delectable updates!

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