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Le Diner Express Food Truck Is The Real Deal For A Fast Meal

Food trucks, at their core, are meant to be fast food. I don't mean to use the term in its negative connotation of poor quality and commercialized, only that food trucks are supposed to give customers a satisfying meal at a quick pace. The new food truck on the scene Le Diner Express aims to do just that: wholesome and delicious meals with none of the wait.

Le Diner Express is under the culinary guidance of Chef Pascal Bisson, an already accomplished chef here in Montreal. Having spent five years on tour with Cirque du Soleil, preparing food, not doing acrobatics, Bisson was inspired to create a culinary service which emphasies efficiency as much as flavour. Riding the wave of food truck success here in Montreal, Bisson has fulfilled his goal through Le Diner Express.

To achieve top speed, Le Diner Express does not cook any food on site. Instead, microwaves are used to reheat prepared dishes which are then garnished to please the eyes. Don't be turned away by the notion of microwaves, however, as every food portion is freshly prepared that day, before a meal service, and is then warmed for customers to enjoy as soon as possible. A technique unseen in other food trucks, and also ensures a shorter wait time as well as general cleanliness of the food truck itself.

The food of Le Diner Express is a fusion of old school ideas with fresh and new twists. Bisson is highly influenced by classic diner meals (hence the name) and it shows through Le Diner Express's menu. Traditional dishes like mac n' cheese, shepherds pie, and chili con carne grace the menu, along with more unique fare like green curry and maple braised beef. Dessert is not forgotten either, as Le Diner Express offers a chocolate cake which is cooked (via microwave) on site. To ensure that everyone can enjoy Le Diner Express, more than half of the menu is gluten free, and all being healthy and prepared with quality ingredients.

There is no doubt that the food of Le Diner Express is tasty. The 'mac and chef' (aka mac 'n cheese) is creamy, delicious, and served with chorizo and shrimp for an added boost of flavour. The chili con carne is similarly flavorful, with added veggies in the mix to balance the meaty dish. Just don't be wary and get the small size of any dish. Sure, the small is only $5 (in comparison to the $9 large) but it really is only a teensy taste. I was left wanting more of both dishes, and regretted not forking out the extra $4 for a more satiating meal for my stomach. As with most things, go big or go home when it comes to Le Diner Express' food.

Bridging the gap between classic meals and modern flavours, along with restaurant quality dishes at a fast pace, Le Diner Express is a great food truck option for those who want something delicious while on the go. For now you can only find Le Diner Express at Le Bouffon food truck festival, and after that they will only be serving at certain festivals and private events. Le Diner Express will have an official launch and regular service locations after the summer, but why wait until then?

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