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The Government Just Launched A New Initiative To Help Support Quebec Businesses

It is called "Le Panier Bleu."
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The Government Just Launched A New Initiative To Help Support Quebec Businesses
  • The Government of Quebec has come up with a new initiative to help support Quebec businesses during this difficult time, which they have termed "Le Panier Bleu."
  • This new platform aims to support local merchants while also raising awareness of the importance of buying local.
  • Find out more about this new initiative below!

After announcing a prolongation for the closure of all non-essential businesses in Quebec until May 4, the Minister for the Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, said there will be both human and economic consequences. But, such has also sparked the creation of "an ambitious strategy for local and e-commerce in Quebec," which has taken the form of a new collective project named "Le Panier Bleu." This project was officially launched by the Government of Quebec on April 5. 

This initiative sets out to help both local merchants and local businesses get back on their feet during this difficult time. It is free for both merchants and individual consumers.

It will be a directory, which the government hopes will have "all the businesses and operations in Quebec that can engage in e-commerce" on it. 

Le Panier Bleu will also act as an inventory directory for consumers to be able to see which local products they are able to purchase online.

But, Fitzgibbon made sure to clarify, that "the transaction will be done with the respective sites of the various Quebec merchants."

The Minister for the Economy and Innovation continuously reminded the public that the government is doing everything in its power to help Quebec businesses. And Le Panier Bleu is going to do exactly that.

The following photo is a summary from François Legault's Instagram account about Le Panier Bleu and its objectives.

[rebelmouse-image 26807797 photo_credit=" | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="1080x1080"] | Instagram

The official website for Le Panier Bleu is already up and running.

It seems that it has been experiencing some difficulties due to the high volume of people trying to access it, though. So, if ever you are unable to access it right now, simply try again in a bit.

The inconvenience message even reads "thank you for helping to keep the local economy rolling." A reminder that you are helping support local just by trying to discover what's on the project's website!

When discussing the importance of purchasing local, Fitzgibbon provided the following analysis: "$5 more spent here per week per household is $1 billion more in the economy."

During the press conference on April 5, Fitzgibbon described Le Panier Bleu as "a unified approach to communication so that our small merchants can compete with companies that have huge marketing resources."

He also promised that Le Panier Bleu will be promoted using Quebec media sources — another way of keeping things local.

The Minister of Economy and Innovation stated that with the "resilience of Quebec businesses, I am convinced that things will pick up again, and we will be among the best positioned."

Fitzgibbon did not fail to admit that Quebec's economy will be different after this pandemic. He confirms that the government must "look at anticipating what the new world will look like after the health crisis."

The more we support local, the faster we'll be able to get our economy back on its feet!

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