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Montreal Now Has Its First-Ever "Mobile Cafe"

Coffee, anywhere and anytime.
Montreal Now Has Its First-Ever "Mobile Cafe"

Every day there comes a moment where you simply need coffee. For many, that time comes in the morning, or in the mid-afternoon when you're in dire need of a pick-me-up. For me, and others truly addicted to coffee, that moment comes every two hours.

But even in a city like Montreal where cafes abound, quickly finding quality coffee before you collapse from caffeine-withdrawal can be an issue. That certainly won't be the case in one Montreal borough, though, as the city's first official "mobile cafe" will be doling out coffee to all those in need.

Set to be on streets of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, the Montreal's mobile cafe is known as "Le Pista," and is the only cafe of its kind in the city, and North America for that matter.

Not simply a coffee-cart-on-wheels, Le Pista is a rather innovative device, using the energy produced through pedalling to both grind coffee beans and brew beverages. Using this unique green technology, Le Pista can brew an espresso, cappuccino, mocha, chai latte, and more right on the streets of Montreal.

You may have seen Le Pista at certain events and festivals (like First Fridays at the Olympic Stadium) in years past, but this is the first time the mobile cafe will be able to actually operate like a food truck, only with a tad bit more flexibility.

Thanks to a pilot project launched by Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, Le Pista will be able to operate all throughout the borough (save Parc Molson) to satiate your caffeine cravings. Place Shamrock and Parc Hector-Larivée are also approved locations, notes CBC.

Owner and operator of La Pista, Maxime Richard, promises the mobile cafe will be "everywhere," from public squares to parks to the street.

The existing Le Pista is equipped to only make hot coffee beverages (which is great for still-cold spring days like today) but Richard hopes a second cart will take to the streets in the summer, selling cold drinks like iced coffee.

For more info, head over to Le Pista's website and Facebook page.

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