Legault Is Imploring Every Health Worker To 'Come Forward' & Help The 'Most Vulnerable'

There are now 14,248 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec.

As per usual, François Legault held a daily press conference to update the public about the novel coronavirus situation in Quebec. During this conference, we learned that, as of April 14, the province has 691 newly confirmed cases. There are now 14,248 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec.

There have been 75 newly confirmed deaths in the past 24 hours, meaning that up to now, there were 435 deaths caused by the coronavirus in the province. Legault offered his condolences to all of the victims' families and friends.

Legault stressed that the government's main priority continues to be to protect the most vulnerable, which specifically references Quebec's senior population.

The Premier made a statement to all health care workers, asking that they "come forward" to assist the province's elderly during this difficult time. "I appeal to your sense of duty to help us protect the most vulnerable. We need you," he said.

Legault ended his daily Facebook post with a positive message for everyone, saying "we are going through the hardest moment, but the overall situation will improve. Courage, the good times will come again!"

He reminded us that continuing to follow the government's health guidelines will save "hundreds of lives."

A live feed of the Government of Quebec's public briefing on April 14 is available below.

When informing the public about the current happenings within the province, Legault stated that "we are deploying more professionals from the hospitals to [senior] residences, but we're still lacking staff."

"I'm asking everybody available, every health worker to come forward and help us."

Santé Québec's most recent update shows that 123,203 people have tested negative for COVID-19 in Quebec.

While 14,248 have tested positive up to now.

As of April 14, 936 individuals remain hospitalized due to the novel coronavirus.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases per each Quebec region is available on the government's official website.

Government of Quebec

Currently, Montreal remains the region with the highest number of cases, with a total of 6,628.