Legault Says He Listens To Arruda Like His Own Mother, Giving Us A Peek Into Their Dynamic

"I listen to him as if he were my mother."
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Legault Says He Listens To Arruda Like His Own Mother, Giving Us A Peek Into Their Dynamic

With almost every Quebecers tuning into the provincial government's daily press conferences now, Premier François Legault and Dr. Horacio Arruda have managed to become internet celebrities. From Legault acting like both a proud father and a comforting wine mom to Arruda telling us about his famous tarts, we can't help but grow a little soft spot for them.

The two together have turned into provincial sensations. If they ever decide to make a reality TV show together, I know it'll bring in some serious cash for the Quebec economy.

Previously, Legault mentioned in a press conference that people should try to only have one partner right now, to which Dr. Arruda responded: "let's say that monogamy is preferable at this time." 

These partners have managed to continuously help bring light into a dark situation, which I can't help but thank them for.

And now Legault has expressed his great appreciation for Dr. Arruda to the world, comparing him to his mother.

It's always nice to know that government figures trust and listen to one another.

If you're a fan of the two, the quote below will melt your heart.

During his public briefing on April 30, Mr. Legault gave us a little insight into the dynamic he has with Dr. Arruda.

[rebelmouse-image 26885507 photo_credit="francoislegault.pm | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="1080x1080"] francoislegault.pm | Instagram

"I ... want to assure some people about the autonomy of Dr. Arruda and Public Health... I find myself very compliant with Dr. Arruda," Legault announced.

"I listen to him as if he were my mother."

"So I just want to reassure you that I don't have any undue influence on Dr. Arruda. I listen to him. I'm docile."

As we all know, trust is one of the key factors in a good relationship — and clearly, these two have it.

The Quebec Health Public Director has been turned into memes countless times already — especially at the moment where he showed us how to, quite literally, flatten the curve.

And it seems that he's rather content to know he's putting smiles on so many faces.

Legault has previously referred to Arruda as "our greatest influence."

Here's to hoping these government figures continue to give us little glimpses into their personalities while keeping us informed about what's happening in the province.

Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer
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