Legault's Staff Took Over His Instagram & Went Totally Off-Script For His Birthday

They surprised him with a touching message.
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Legault's Team Took Control Of His Instagram & Let Us Know What He's Like Off-Camera

What goes around comes around. After finishing his opening remarks at the daily press conferences, François Legault never fails to offer his "thanks of the day" to individuals and groups across Quebec that have contributed to the health crisis response. Today, on his birthday, his team decided it was his turn to receive thanks.

Taking control of his social media pages, employees in the Premier's office offered a touching tribute to their boss.

On Facebook, the post has earned over 54,000 reactions and 6,000 shares along with over 38,000 comments.

"We took control of his Facebook page without his knowledge for a very special occasion," they wrote.

"As a team, we are privileged to work for this man."

They also gave us a little insight into Legault's behaviour off-camera.

"We, who work with him every day, can confirm that he is, in everyday life, just as you see him on TV."

"His sense of humour [...] and kindness make us happy to work alongside him, rain or shine."

"He is as demanding of us as he is of himself. But that's because, as he often reminds us, we don't work for us, we work for Quebecers!"

They concluded the post by asking for the boss's forgiveness for commandeering his profiles.

They also encouraged Quebecers to share their own birthday messages.

Facebook users heeded the call.

Most comments praise the Premier for his leadership during the health crisis, as well as for his personality.

"Mr. Legault, you should know that I give training on parental leadership and that you are now the leader model that I quote most often," one of the top commenters wrote.

"I have been managing an organization for a few years now and it is in light of my little experience that I have been able to appreciate all your leadership talents," another added.

"You have not had it easy since the pandemic... most of us would have cracked up or deserted... you have my admiration, Mr. Legault!"

The post from his staff was just the latest little peek into the Premier's work and private life.

Throughout the crisis, he has made an effort to open up to the public, posting private photos of his family, sharing his own regrets, and cracking a few jokes.

More are sure to come.

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