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Montreal's STM Metro Stations Built Out Of LEGO!!! (10 Photos)

Photo cred - Loozrboy

Lego is back in a big way. All of the Lego videogames and the recently released Lego Movie (which is apparently very good) have shot the bricks to the top of the toy market and made everyone remember how awesome Legos are. Except for this guy, who never forgot.

Loozrboy's Flickr account is full of Lego-creations, and Montreal got the brick treatment in a big way. Ever wonder what the city's metro system would like in Lego form? Wonder no more, as that life question is answered in the photos below.

Admire these Montreal Lego creations, and Loozrboy's other work, in the photos below.

Maybe a Lego metro would have less closures.

Even when Lego-form, the metro stop is still charmingly sketchy.

You know you're in Lego-Canada when there's a line outside the Tim Horton's and not the Starbucks.

Lego architecture is coming back in a big way.

These are the hip Lego-peeps, chilling at the indy Lego-cafe

In Lego-Montreal, someone is always watching. Even while you poop.

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