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LEGO Plans To Release Limited Edition Montreal "Habitat '67" Building Set

The city's most visually stunning landmark.
LEGO Plans To Release Limited Edition Montreal "Habitat '67" Building Set

Habitat '67 is by far Montreal's most unusual and visually stunning landmark. So it's no surprise that back in 2012 the famous building won an internet vote to become the newest LEGO set.

Actually it ended up beating the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum. 

At the time, LEGO claime that they may create a toy inspired by the winner of the contest. 

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LEGO says it will consider such a project in the future. 

If any building deserves to be turned into a LEGO model it has to be Habitat 67, the building's architect Moshe Safdie even claims he was inspired by LEGO when he designed it. 

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But since it has been 5 years and LEGO still hasn't released any official models, someone in Montreal went out and designed their own LEGO Habitat '67 to see what it would look like. 

And 2 years ago someone even designed Montreal's metro out of Lego

*Cover image is what we think the LEGO set would look like, it is not an actual LEGO product.