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Lemonade & Fresh Fruit Popsicles You Won't Be Able To Live Without This Summer

They're so tasty we should call them TasteSicles.
Lemonade & Fresh Fruit Popsicles You Won't Be Able To Live Without This Summer

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At this time of year, everyone's looking forward to the summer, but since we can't have the warmth just yet all we have left are dreams. And there's no better to dream about summer than to fantasize about all the amazing cool treats we've been missing out on for the last 6 months. Plus, who says you have to wait until summer, just buy a bag of sand from Rona, pour it onto the floor of your living room, turn the heat up in your apartment and take your shirt off. Denial can be a wonderful thing.

Now that you have you mini summer set-up, you need a summer treat to complete the illusion. That's when these Lemonade Fruit Popsicles from come in handy, proving once again that the simplest recipes can be the tastiest. In fact they're so tasty, we should call them TasteSicles. All you need to get your hands on some of these babies is lemonade, fruit and Popsicle molds (they come in handy so go buy some already). And if you don't have Popsicle molds, just use Dixie cups.

Of course you're not crazy and you're an adult which means this treat needs a boozy twist. Spike the lemonade with whatever you want: vodka, rum or even burbon. you can scrap the booze and make a mix of wine and fruit juice. You can swap the lemonade with pretty much any other kind of juice, nectar or drink mix (Burbon and iced-tea fruit pops? Yes please!)

Again, no need for complicated recipes or instructions, just a little common sense and some imagination. Cut up your fruit, stick them in the mold and cover with your own juice/booze blend. Let 'em freeze for a couple of hours and your summer fantasy is complete.

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