Les Bobards Music Venue On Saint-Laurent Has Closed Down Forever

Another Montreal institution bites the dust.
Les Bobards Music Venue On Saint-Laurent Has Closed Down Forever

Each and every night of the week for the past 26 years, one Plateau bar-venue has provided live tunes to the Montreal community, benefiting both the borough's local culture and music community: Les Bobards. But as of this past Saturday, the beloved bar has closed its doors, never to reopen them for a single show or performance, as the Les Bobards staff revealed via Facebook.

In a not-very-revealing Facebook status, Les Bobards stated "Les Bobards closes its doors definitively today for breach of lease," and then continued to "thank [their] loyal customers and all musicians, artists, DJs , technicians and employees who helped make Les Bobards a bar and cultural venue that so many people liked over the past 25 years." There might have to be an edit on that last bit, as Les Bobards opened in 1989, so it's closer to 26 years.

You can definitely feel the love and remorse in Les Bobards' closing-notice, but curiously, no specific reason was given for the venue's "breach of lease." If you've been following the Les Bobards-related drama over the last couple of years, it isn't too hard to guess why the bar was forced to close. Most likely, Les Bobards was forced to close down from incessant noise complaints, an ongoing problem for the bar that must have come to a dark conclusion over the weekend.

Lacking a license to "present show on an elevated stage because it sits next to residential buildings," as noted by CBC, Les Bobards has had a rocky relationship with Plateau residents. The venue even went as far as soundproofing the space two years ago, but it looks like that wasn't enough. Even though the bar garnered support from groups like Save The Plateau, no action was taken from official Montreal leaders to ensure the venue's safety.

Borough councillor for the Plateau-Mont-Royal Christine Gosselin lamented the loss of Les Bobards in a note to CBC, stating "the elected officials of the Plateau-Mont-Royal are very sorry that the Bobards was unable to overcome its difficulties to continue its mission. I, for one, hope that manager Rabah Mammouche will be able to translate his expertise in other projects that will revive the spirit of Bobards." Kind of getting a "sorry, not sorry" vibe fro that, but that's just me.

For all those in a state of crisis wondering what will become of their favourite music events regularly held at Les Bobards, well, we can't offer you much comfort. We can confirm, however, that improv music collective Kalmunity, which usually peformed at Les Bobards on Tuesday nights, will be heading to Le Belmont for this week's show as the group revealed on their Facebook page.

Les Bobards, you will be missed.

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