Have you ever dreamt of living out in the woods, living off the land, maybe actually owning lakefront property? In Canada, lakefront isn't that rare if you're willing to look off the beaten path. And while building a cottage can be expensive, there is another way.

Tiny homes!

The tiny house movement started years ago after people realised they didn't need as much space as they'd been led to believe. Soon people all over the world were building tiny, often mobile homes as a way to live more simply and perhaps spend more time with nature.

Canada has no shortage of places where one would purchase a little plot of land out far away from a big city, where you could plop your little tiny house down and live a pretty sweet rural life.

If I'm speaking to your soul right now, take a look at some of the tiny homes I found that are on sale right now in Canada.

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TL;DR If you're a fan of the tiny house movement and you live in Canada, you have to check out these adorable mini abodes! They're all for sale right now.

This is in no way an exhaustive list of tiny homes for sale right now in Canada - these are just the examples I'm showing you from this one great website I came across called TinyHouseListingsCanada.com.

Tiny House Caboose

Where: London, Ontario

Price: $7,500

Learn more.

Acorn House

Where: Nelson, B.C.

Price: $40,000

Learn more.

Premier Bunkie

Where: Meaford, Ontario

Price: $36,900

Learn more.

SPACE house

Where: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Price: $29,000

Learn more.

The Stargazer

Where: Gabriola Island, B.C.

Price: $79,000

Learn more.

Radically Healthy Tiny Home

Where: Vancouver Island, B.C.

Price: $129,000

Learn more

Tiny Shell

Where: Chilliwack, B.C.

Price: $30,000

Learn more.

Skookum 24

Where: Vancouver, B.C.

Price: $67,900

Learn more.

The Loft

Where: Nelson, B.C.

Price: $30,000

Learn more

Miska House

Where: Toronto, Ontario

Price: $33,500

Learn more.

Nest House

Where: Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia

Price: $25,000

Learn more.

If these don't do it for you, there are a lot of architects and construction companies across Canada that can build custom tiny homes right to your specifications.

Also, if you're up for a challenge, a lot of people build their own tiny homes themselves, too! Think about how rewarding it would feel to know you built your own home, just like the friggen olden days!

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