Oh, Canada. You've been standing on guard, in more ways than one. A recent study done by Mandatory.com, on the average penis size of men around the globe, it has become abundantly clear that Canada ranks higher than the United States.


With Canada coming in at 5'5, we beat out the U.S of A who hangs at 5'1. Although Canada isn't topping the charts by any means, it's a comfort to know that we're coming out on top of the U.S.A. in some regard other than being home to Ryan Gosling.

Some interesting facts that came out of this survey show:

- The Congo has the largest penis size, coming out to 7.1 inches

- North Korea has the smallest penis size, coming out to 3.9 inches

- Canada's 5'5' is actually the global average, and we share this size with Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria, and New Zealand


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