James Franco has apparently tried to get with a 17 year old (that means underage) Scottish girl named Lucy visiting New York.

In super-trendy Franco fashion, the actor/writer used Instagram to wheel the young Scottish lass into a hotel room hookup.

Lucy uploaded the whole thing online to Imgur (which has already gotten taken down) and Franco even tweeted an incriminating warning to all parents to "keep their teens away" from him.

I'm only suspicious because, come on, this is James Franco, and could get anybody.

Kudos to Lucy for even having that much self control.

See all the social media documentation below, and decide whether your think Franco is a cradle robber or not.

It all started with this video Lucy took, where Franco asks her to "tag me"


Then things get a little steamier

After it all, Franco voiced his frustrations to twitter

So nothing really happened, but the level of thirst Franco had for a girl he learned is 17 is kinda creepy. Franco is still #1 in my heart though.

Do you think Franco is kind of a creep?

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