While you're probably not surprised that Canadians are committing many a carnal act in their motorized vehicles, the important question really becomes exactly how much sex are they having in their cars, and what kind of common habits do these disgusting fornicators share with each other, myself included.

A recent survey conducted at the request of AutoTrader.com, polled more than 1,500 Canadians about their dirty, dirty, automobile sexy-time secrets, and the results are, well, quite revealing.

So how much exactly?

So let's start with how many of us are actually getting it on in our cars. Out of those polled, 35% of Canadians admitted to having done the deed at least once in their life. That number rises to a pretty impressive 45% here in Quebec.

Apparently, the East Coast in general is hornier than the rest of the country, showing a similar 45% of people getting it on in the backseat at least once, compared to an average 34% on the West Coast.

And the biggest prudes, unsurprisingly, are found in Ontario. Yes, much like the Maple Leafs, it seems Ontarians aren't really getting any, with only 31% reaching climax (or not) in their cars, putting them just under the national average.

Alright, now how often are we being naughty?

When asked when was the last time they got some nookie in the car, 68% confessed to having done it in the last year and 6% actually said just a week before they took the survey.

Once again, Quebec gets the prize with a whopping 75% confirming having had intimate relations within the past year, with 12% getting some in the last week!

So what does this say about our personal habits?

It's all about that stick! - Canada's biggest auto-sexuals (pun!) are more inclined to drive stick-shift it seems, with 26% of respondents appreciating manual control, compared to only 15% who claimed they've never had sex in their car.

People who like to get freaky in cars are also apparently clean-freaks, showing a bigger tendency to clean their personal vehicles once a week, over their more prude counterparts.

In addition, nearly 70% of those who claim to have had sex in their car in the last six months also mentioned that they clean their car at least once a month, 10% more than Canadians who do not.

Unfortunately, Quebecers are not so meticulous, as just 14% of respondents who claimed to have gotten frisky in the car said they clean it only once every six months.

They call me mellow yellow...

The colour of passion is...Yellow! At least when it comes to car sex. Definitely not the most popular on the road, but apparently yellow is the colour most likely to seduce, as the study showed Canadians with yellow cars were more inclined to do it inside.

Across the board, the stats showed that 48% of people who owned a yellow car specifically, had sex in their car at least once in their life, compared to the 35% Canadian average. (I have a yellow car, so go me?)

Interestingly enough, the colour red showed only about a 32% average, and grey or silver cars dropped the average of those who attempted climax at least once in their life to only 25%.

It's a point of pride

Out of all the men surveyed, 61% were proud to openly admit their sordid deeds. There aren't any stats on women respondents, but one can only assume those born under the female persuasion are just classier, as in they prefer not to kiss and tell, and not that they don't like to bang bang.

Coffee or tea?

In fact neither! While most of us generally need our caffeine fix for a boost of energy, it seems non-coffee/tea drinkers get their kick elsewhere...41% in fact admitted to sexy time in the car, compared to 38% of coffee drinkers and 26% of tea drinkers.

While we'e on the topic of food, 75% of Quebecers who admitted to enjoying the act of "parking", were more likely to also enjoy eating in their cars. (Not that kind of eating! Get your mind out of the gutter.)

End it on a good note

Favourite music amongst all you backseat lovers out there? Rock & Roll (38%), followed by Pop (16%), and Country (15%).

And now you know.

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