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10 Cool "Glamping Retreats" You Won't Believe Are In And Around Quebec

Go camping in style!

If any of you read my previous article on my camping horror story, then you what I mean when I say that camping can be pretty risky. Unless you're a seasoned camper or you just have natural wilderness skills, you're probably going to have to prepare and then prepare even more. 

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Because you never know what nature could throw your way. So, after my camping experience I decided that legit camping might not actually be my thing. Don't get me wrong, I love nature, I'm not just a "city girl", but the idea of being stranded in the wilderness just doesn't appeal to me too much. 

I recently discovered that "glamping" was a thing and I'm sooo excited about it. It's camping but without all the hassles and risks you take with sleeping in a tent on the cold hard ground. 

Glamping really means "glamorous camping" so you can imagine what these places look like. You'll be camping in style at these spots! 

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