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10 Montreal Sex Facts That Will "Blow" Your Mind

Sexy factoids about our fair city.

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Montreal is the sex capital of Canada, nay, all of North America, so it's pretty safe to assume the city has some sexy stories to tell. While we'd love to get really raunchy with some personal horror/success stories, here are 10 Montreal sex facts that will surprise you, and make you proud to live in such a sexy city.

1. F*cking in Foliage

Hooking up on Mount Royal has been going on in Montreal probably since the first settlers found a nice shrub to hide under, but things got too sexy in the 1950s. The mayor of the era actually led a movement to clear out the underbrush of the mountain's forest to stop people from sexin', an iniative dubbed "morality cuts." (Source)

2. A Pornographic Hub

Everyone's favourite porn site, PornHub, was founded right here in Montreal back in 2007. Just think of how many teenage boys got files for their spank-bank thanks to the hardwork of a few Montrealers.

3. Save the Boobs!

Speaking of PornHub, back in 2012 the website led a campaign for breast cancer research titles "Save the Boobs." A penny was donated towards breast cancer research after the viewing of 30 boob-heavy videos. Again, Montrealers capitalize on the viewing habits of teenage boys.

4. Have Rad Sex

For the last six years, Queer McGill and the Union for Gender Empowerment have put on a week-long series of events all about the more esoteric aspects of sex. Titled 'Rad Sex Week,' the event explores the many facets of sexuality and gives the public a window into the more 'radical' sides of sex.

5. Grand Prix Gets Randy

According to Montreal sex workers reporting to the CBC, Grand Prix if the busiest weekend of the year for prostitutes. All those fast cars must get tourists mighty randy.

6. Independent Women

The majority of female sex workers in Montreal like do things for themselves, as 69% (the irony!) don't bother with pimps or any form of intermediary. Your body, your money.

7. Gender Differences

In Montreal, ladies are in higher demand for sex work than the fellas. The average weekly earning of a male prostitute is $600 - $800 compared to $1800-$2000 for women. Given that this study is a little old, I'm sure these figures are higher, with the divide still intact.

8. Condoms Are A Montrealer's Friend

Not only does Montreal have two specialty condom shops (La Capoterie & The McGill Shag Shop) you can also get a bunch of free condoms from certain spots. Check out the full list here.

9. The Eligible Population

Since 2011, there were a counted 1,151,010 of Montrealers aged 15-64. Add a few years to the young end, and shave a few off from the older (unless you're into silver foxes) and you have the eligible population of Montreal.

10. Babes and Burlesque

Montreal is currently going through a burlesque revival, and while these shows don't show too much nudity, they are wildly entertaining. The Wiggle Room, Montreal's only burlesque-focused venue, opened up last year, and you should check it out if you haven't already.

What's your Montreal sex fact?

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