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10 Reasons Why It's Better For You To Have Sex When It's Cold Outside

Things are about to heat up.

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When it's cold outside things are more likely to heat up in bed. Men want sex more when it's cold, according to new research

The research shows that men find their lovers hotter when it's cold than during the summer. The results were published on The Psychology of Human Sexuality, which examines sexual behaviour. One reason for the difference in sexual arousal levels could be that the bar for what qualifies as hot is higher in the summer.

Skin is rarely seen when it's cold, so it becomes more novel and arousing to look at. In the summer it takes greater stimulus to get men excited. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Fall is here, the weather is getting colder and Winter is coming -- should I say more?


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Everything Is A Reason To Get In Bed

We wanna do everything in bed when it's cold outside. Watch movies, drink some wine, get cozy and start getting hot under the blankets. Everything ends up in sex -- specially when men are more aroused than ever. You better choose a movie you're not interested in seeing -- the real action will be happening in your bed.


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The Perfect Mood For Bathtub And Candles

Who wouldn't like a hot bubble bath on a bathtub with some candles to set the mood? This is perfect when it's cold -- it's also very relaxing. You get in there and your boyfriend or girlfriend gets in there with you. If you know the sum of 2+2 you know what will happen next. Be careful with the wet floor afterwards though.


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Great Opportunity To Buy Sexy Lingerie

People are more lazy when it's cold and prefer to stay home rather than going out. There's nothing too compelling to do outside, but things can definitely get interesting at your place. This is the perfect opportunity to buy sexy lingerie and play some provocative games with your boyfriend. He will enjoy it, for sure. (Boyfriends, you can also buy sexy lingeries to your girlfriends and surprise then with the inviting gift.)


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Perfect Weather For A Warming Massage

Never underestimate the power of a massage -- specially when using a warm body oil in a cold weather. You can use your hands or even your own body to give your boyfriend or girlfriend a warm (and hot) massage. You won't even notice when the massage finished and the sex began -- both are very arousing. Remember to take turns so both of you can enjoy massaging and being massaged.


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Hot Chocolate In Bed

Cold weather means hot chocolate -- a lot of hot chocolate. How about setting a tray with hot chocolate down on the bedside table and get comfortable with your boyfriend or girlfriend? You start drinking and suddenly you start making out. Chocolate is known to be a sexual stimulant -- you will be having sex in no time. 


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Time To Use The Fireplace

One of the things we can only do when it's cold outside is using the fireplace. It gets cozy in the living room -- specially with that fluffy carpet you have. You and your significant other sit in front of the fireplace with your blankets, the carpet protecting you from the cold floor. You drink some wine to help with the cold, too. Impossible to not have sex. Be careful not to leave a stain on the carpet though.


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Fondue Season

Fondue is one of the most delicious dishes to have when it's cold. It's hot, delicious and for some reason couples have sex after eating it. Maybe it's because of the chocolate, maybe it's because of the fruits -- or whatever else you enjoy eating. The romantic mood, the food and the wine are too inviting. Couples start making out and ending the night in bed, all sweat. Try not to eat too much though, otherwise you will have an indigestion afterwards.


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Spooning All The Time

You're in bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend and it's super cold outside. You're spooning all the time -- it's cozy and it helps heating up. There's a wise saying that says, "spooning leads to forking". Yep, it does. Two bodies rubbing against each other ends up in sex. The best thing is that you're spooning all the time, remember? Fork! Fork! Fork!


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Men Feel More Easily Aroused When It's Cold

As we said before, men feel more easily aroused when it's cold -- which means they are always in the mood for sex. It's the perfect time to go to a sex shop and spice up your fun with some sex toys. You can also buy sex costumes -- men love that. It's fun, sexy and you will have sex -- a lot of sex. It's always good to try something new. (Men also love that.)


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Foreplay Under The Blankets

How arousing is it when your significant other starts touching you under the blankets? It's cold, you're both in the couch watching a boring movie when the foreplay starts. It lasts longer and gets even more arousing because it's cold outside -- meaning you're not dying because of the heat during summer. Sex starts and it's even better because of the foreplay. Again, please!

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