Summer jobs can be pretty hard to find if you don’t start looking early. There are a lot of students in this city and they all need money to go out at night so the competition is pretty fierce.

The most important part of a summer job (other than the money) is that it should be an easy job where you won’t have to take your work home with you, and you won't feel completely drained at the end of the day.

After all, you’re not there to learn or to stress (that's what school is for), you’re there to make quick money so you can be free to party the rest of the time. End of story.

Background Talent

Redwolf Talent Management

$12.25 an hour

This is your chance to be a Hollywood movie. "Sorry, I have to shoot a scene" is the best excuse to get out of any event.

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Think about it, next time someone asks you where you work you can brag about having 2 jobs. Much better than working at combination KFC/Taco Bell.

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Administrative Assistant

TroisPrime inc.

11,400 a year

Pay some bills, read some emails and return some calls. Essentially this is the best preparation for adult life you can receive.

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Fuze HR Solutions

Same deal as the previous job but here you get to work for a company with a slightly cooler sounding name.

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Booking Agents


$12.50 an hour + $15.00 per appointment booked

You're pretty much keeping people safe, you're like batman if he had very limited resources.

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Hotel Receptionist

Kutuma Hotel

$12 an hour

Maybe you'll get lucky and one of those eccentric millionaires will be handing out $100 tips for no reason.

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Club Mansfield

Working at a gym without actually having to work out? Sign me up!

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Bachelor Party / Nightlife Host

Connected Montreal

This one is way too cool to even be called a "Job". You're essentially a tour guide for drunken out-of-towners looking to party in Montreal.

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Face it, no one is subscribing to you "makeup tutorial" YouTube channel anyways.

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Birthday Party Animator

Dynamix Adventures Inc.

$30 an hour

It's like working at a summer camp, but only for an hour at a time (Which is more than enough).

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