Friends, Quebec is one seriously glorious province. We have it all - beautiful cities, forests, mountains, beaches; super fun things to do and see; basically, we’re awesome!

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Naturally, there are a whole lot of fantastic spots to vacation to in Quebec, as well. Spots you might not even have known about, tbh; but no worries. I got your back.

Anticosti Island

This gorgeous island is located in the St. Lawrence river, and has pretty much everything you could want in a breathtaking vacation spot. Beaches, caverns, beautiful clear water, and much more!

Perce Rock


If you love beaches and small towns, then have I got a glorious spot for you. Sept-Ilea is actually an archipelago consisting of 7 beautiful islands, each one of them super fun and super beautiful in their own right.

Ile d'Orleans

Honestly, if you want that island feel in the middle of a big city, Ile d’Orleans is going to be your perfect spot. It’s close to Quebec City, so you can drive thee after visiting that spot for the best of both worlds.


There is no spot more beautiful than Havre-Aubert, friends. Situated in Les Iles de la Madeleine, this spot has all the charm of a small town plus all the beauty of coastal beaches. Get prepared for clear waters, white sand, and pure happiness. 

Quebec City

Possibly the OG awesome city in Quebec to vacation to, Quebec city has it all. History, beauty, fun things to do, and the most photographed hotel in the whole world, too.


Literally, what is there to say about Gaspe except that it’s pure magic, incarnated in a city? This spot is home to Perce Rock, but the city deserves its own spotlight for being full of literal beauty and natural wonders.



Legit, if you’ve never been to Tremblant, get yourself there, live. The main attraction of this Quebec town is the mountain, which is super fun to explore no matter what season it is. However, the Tremblant Village, at the base of the mountain, has a whole bunch of fun restaurants, bars, and things to do, too!

La Mauricie

Mingan Archipelago 

Honestly, I think this just might be the perfect vacation spot. Featuring a series of unbelievable rock formations, the Mignan Archipelago National Park is spread out over numerous islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Trust, it’s more than worth the trip to experience the clear water and beautiful views.

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