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12 Campgrounds On A Lake In Quebec That You Can Rent This Summer

Experience the great outdoors.

After a long, cold winter filled with snowstorms and frostbite we've finally made it to summer and that means no more locking ourselves indoors. I know this winter was tough on all of us but now we've made it through and that's all that matters. Now that the temperature is heating up it's time to get outside and explore what this province has to offer. Luckily, we live in a province that's filled with amazing nature, and with so many national and provincial parks it's easier than ever for us to get out and experience it. Quebec is home to a whopping 24 national parks and 17 provincial parks! That's pretty unreal. 

With the amazing weather that's about to come our way what better way to experience the breathtaking nature of Quebec's beautiful parks than camping? And camping is best done on a refreshing, clear blue lake of course. So grab your sleeping bags, tents and BFFs and immerse yourself in the beauty and natural wonders of this province.  While you're there don't forget to enjoy the fun activities that almost of these parks have to offer, such as hiking trails, wildlife watching, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and so much more! 

The best thing about it is that most of these breathtaking parks are max 10 hours away from Montreal.  This makes them super accessible for us to get to. All you need to do is invite your closest friend with a car, so they can drive you of course, make a bomb roadtrip playlist, grab some snacks from the closest Couche-Tard and you're good to go! Make sure you pack the camping essentials like a hammock, flashlights and don't forget all the trimmings for S'mores and ghost story telling in the evenings. Make the most out of this summer by reconnecting with nature, bonding with your closest friends, and making unforgettable memories. 

Campgrounds On A Lake In Quebec That Are 2 Hours Away From Montreal

Campgrounds On A Lake In Quebec That Are 5 Hours Away From Montreal

Campgrounds On A Lake In Quebec That Are 10 Hours Away From Montreal 

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