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12 Cheapest Places To Travel To If You Have 5 Days, 10 Days Or A Month Off

Embrace your travel bug.

Travel is one of the best things about life in my opinion. When you get the chance to use those vacation days that you've saved up, all the weight that's been put on your shoulders is instantly lifted by a good trip. Some of use are lucky enough to have a month to travel, whereas some of us only get 5 or 10 days to use each year. 

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However much you do have saved up you can still make the most out of your vacation days and without spending thousands of dollars while you're at it. We all want to take a vacation every once in a while but we don't want to blow all of our savings while we're at it. Hopefully this list will help you plan the cheapest trip you can within the time frame that you have available. 

The price of flights below are based on some of the cheapest ones I found available right now, however deals certain airlines provide and the time of year you choose to travel can either reduce or increase these prices. Make sure you do your research to get the most bang for your buck! 

Cheapest Places To Travel If You Have 5 Days Off

Only 5 days off means you basically have a super short amount of time to make the most of your trip. This means you don't want to waste an entire day of travel there and an entire day of travel back, which would leave you with just 3 days at your destination. The best way to make the most of a 5 day trip is to choose a destination that will take you, at most, half a day of travel. These are all places that you can get to fast, leaving you with the most time to enjoy and relax at your destination. 

Cheapest Places To Travel If You Have 10 Days Off

If you have 10 days off you can spare at most a day of travel time because this will still leave you with 8 full days of vaction time. However, you also might want to spend as little time as possible traveling so you can get the most of your 10 days. These places are a mix of full-day travel time and shorter travel times so that you can make the most out of your 10 days off. 

Cheapest Places To Travel If You Have A Month Off

If you're lucky enough to get a full month off to travel you're going to want to go big. This is your month to spend traveling to the farthest corners of the land, experiencing the most that you can while you're away. These places are the most exotic destinations that you can spend a month traveling in on the cheap. 

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