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Don't stop exploring.

1. Adirondack Forest

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 30 mins 

Located in the Adirondacks Forest on Tupper Lake, is a magical place called The Wild Center. They've set up a trail across the treetops of the forest equipped with speakers playing music, a chance to see rare animals in the park, stairwells within tree trunks, and a spider's web net so you can be suspended above the forest floor! 

2. Watkins Glen 

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Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 37 mins 

This magical state park located in New York is one you definitely shouldn't miss. This park is filled with hidden gems along the hiking trails like flowing waterfalls, secret underground caves and sparkling streams! 

3. Skaneateles Lake

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 43 mins 

This lake located in Skaneateles, New York looks like the water in Caribbean, it's so clear and turquoise. It's almost impossible to believe it's a lake! This waterfront town is filled with cute shops, restaurants and places for tourists to explore and stay a while.

4. Shelving Rock Falls 

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Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 22 mins 

This secluded spot is perfect if you're looking to chase some waterfalls this summer. Hike from the road into the middle of the forest to find this secluded spot for a refreshing dip and if you want to continue hiking down the path you'll run into Lake George!

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