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1. Woodstock

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 24 mins 

Woodstock is full of cool and hip things for visitors to enjoy. Enjoy their main strip Tinker Street full of shops selling classic Woodstock-y things like tie dye shirts, and galleries filled with art and pottery. You can also find hiking trails up to Plateau Mountain for breathtaking views of the lush green forest below!

2. Ausable Chasm

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 26 mins 

One of the coolest natural lazy river's is less than 2 hours away from Montreal! Float down the refreshing water in a big floaty raft with your friends and family and enjoy the nature surrounding you. You can also hike through the surrounding woods!

3. Bannerman Island

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Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 

Bannerman Island is a tiny island located on New York's Hudson River and is home to the ruins of Bannerman Castle. The castle was built in 1901 to store ammunition, but experienced an unfortunate explosion in 1918 causing the damage to the castle. Now, this island is available for kayak tours and walking tours of the grounds! 

4. Oneida Lake 

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 13 mins

If you're looking for the ultimate cottage weekend escape, this lake is the one to visit. You can go camping at Verona Beach State Park, go kayaking or boating on the clear blue waters, or bring your family to Sylvan Beach Amusement Park!

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