12 Cheapest Places To Travel In Quebec If You Have 5 Days, 10 Days Or A Month Off

Travel close to home.

If You Have 5 Days Off: 

1. Mont-Tremblant 

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 30 mins

Mont-Tremblant is known for it's amazing skiing hills in the winter, which is perfect for a 5 day ski getaway. But Mont-Tremblant also has tons of fun stuff to do in the summer months as well! Enjoy the beach on Lac Tremblant, hike to the top of the ski hills, and have some family-friendly fun at the Aquaclub waterpark. 

2. La Maurice National Park 

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 10 mins 

If you're looking for a camping trip this summer, this is the spot to do it. With a huge lake in the centre of the park, multiple camping sites and tons of hiking trails, you'll have a packed 5 days of activities. 

3. Lac Saint Jean 

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Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 8 mins 

Lac Saint Jean is the perfect place for a cottage getaway for 5 days this summer. Rent a cozy cottage on Airbnb and escape the craziness of city life for a few days. You can enjoy the sandy beaches, the warm lake water and hiking in the surrounding woods! 

4. Chelsea

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Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 30 mins 

There's so much to do in this little town just north of Gatineau and Ottawa. Enjoy some relaxation time at the Nordik Spa, spend some time at Meech Lake, or hike Gatineau Park! 

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