If you are unemployed and living in Montreal, you know finding a job is not easy. And if you're student, it's even harder.   

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Exams will starting soon, so summer jobs are the lat thing on people's minds. But the truth is that if you don't start looking today, there might not be any good jobs left come summertime. 

Luckily, your good friends at MTLBlog (okay, fine, it's just me) decided to patrol this week’s job posts, and here are the easiest summer jobs for students we could find. 

1. Candy Sampler

Watch candy being made, eat it, and on occasion, sell it. 

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2. La Ronde Staff

One of the coolest summer jobs out there. 


3. School Uniform Fitter

It's like selling pants, only all your customers want the exact same pair of pants. 

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4. Brand Ambassador

Just like regular ambassador, minus the diplomatic immunity. 

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5. Accounting Assistant

Do you like money? What about counting? You'll need both. 

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6. Visual Merchandising Intern 

It may be an internship, but it pays $2,000 a month. 

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7. Event Set Up

It's just like getting paid in backstage passes. 

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8. Park Supervisor

You get to spend all day outside in a park, and they'll actually pay you for it. 

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9. Assistant Store Manager

Much better than being assistant to the store manager. 

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10. Lifeguard

I'm pretty sure this is the first "summer job" ever invented. 

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11. Window Cleaning

Birds will hate you so much. 

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12. McGill Camp Counselors

Just like being a regular camp counselor, excpet you don't have to live in the Laurentians all summer. 

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