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15 Quebec Lakes You’ve Never Visited But Definitely Should

Sparkling waters await you.

I think the best times I ever had as a child was when I was at my cottage in the summertime. Spending time lounging on the dock, going tubing with my cousins, and swimming across the lake are some of the best memories I have. 

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The reason for this of course was spending time with my family, but being able to do that on a lake just made things so much more fun and memorable. I loved the time I got to spend at my cottage, but there's also other ways to enjoy some lakeside relaxation this summer. You can visit a lake for a day, find a campground and pitch your tent beside a lake, or you can rent a cottage of your own for the weekend. 

The options are endless this summer, but I definitely suggest making some of your best memories at a lake this summer either with family or with friends. You won't regret it one bit! 

Lakes To Swim In For A Day 🌊

Lakes To Swim In And Camp At ⛺

Lakes To Rent A Cottage On 💧

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