15 Quebec Lakes You’ve Never Visited But Definitely Should

Sparkling waters await you.

Lakes To Rent A Cottage On: 

Summer is the perfect time to escape with your friends, and if you aren't the camping types, cottages are the way to go. You won't have to spend your entire weekend roughing it outdoors but you still get to experience all the nature. 

1. Lac Ouimet 

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Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 32 mins 

Located in Mont-Tremblant this little private lake is home to some adorable cottages to rent. Search up this lake anytime during the summer and you're sure to find a cottage to rent for the weekend with your friends. Spend some time splashing in the water, canoeing on in the serenity of the mornings, or just chilling on the dock tanning!

2. Saint- Irénée 

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 4 mins 

You can find some beautiful cottages to rent on this lake on Airbnb, and the past ones that were available haven't been more than $150/night, split with all your friends of course. Escape for the weekend on this secluded lake getaway! 

3. Lac Saint-Jean 

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 40 mins 

Airbnb has some amazing deals on cottages on this lake right now, so choose your weekend and get booking! This lake is so serene and secluded you'll feel like you escaped into another world. Enjoy swimming in the blue waters, canoeing around the calm shoreline, and dozing off on the dock! 

4. Blue Sea Lake 

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Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 28 mins 

Even the name of this lake sounds majestic, just wait until you get here. Blue Sea Lake has some of the clearest, crystal blue water you've ever seen. Lucky for you, there's tons of cottages for rent there! Almost all of them come equipped with docks and muskoka chairs for full relaxation. You won't be disappointed with this weekend vacation. 

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