15 Bars You Can Meet Lowkey Guys, Sophisticated Guys, Rich Guys, Funny Guys, & F*ck Boys

Find your man!

Everyone knows the struggle of going to the same bars and getting stuck with the same typical f*ck boys. But, some of us have found some amazing gems and the same bar multiple time whether they be funny guys, lowkey guys, etc. 

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So, to help us all out, depending on the type of guys you are looking for, I have composed this sick list of guys! So, if you are looking more for a hookup, maybe try a f*ck boy, or if you want to find that sophisticated man of your dreams check out those elegant bars!

Bars With Lowkey Guys

Bars With Sophisticated Guys

Bars With Rich Guys

Bars With Funny Guys

Bars With F*ck Boys

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